Our goal is to foster an experience that results in confident, secure and joyful leaders. Read below for a sample of our six main program components. 


Greenville Fellows work in a variety of industry areas across our community. Whether it be finance and banking, marketing and communications, non-profit and educational institutions, consultant firms and medical offices, environmental and structural engineering, we have placed interns in a wide range of professional roles to expose them to different sectors present in our local economy.

Your paying internship will provide excellent business experience while helping you to develop relationship skills and manage conflict. 


"One of the best towns ever." - Outside Magazine

We tend to agree. From a revitalized downtown ranked among "America's Ten Best" by Forbes Magazine to the one-of-a-kind Liberty Bridge, quaint shops, boutiques, and fabulous restaurants to a

world-class collection of museums, galleries, and theaters to some of the most beautiful lakes, rivers and mountains in the world, our city is everything they say it is and more.

Come visit us! We'd love to show you around. 


Rooted in scripture and utilizing seminal texts, our classes will challenge you to think biblically on subjects such as theology, finance, apologetics, counseling and leadership.

Your teachers will include senior pastors, seminary professors, accomplished business leaders and career counselors. The classes are designed to be interactive and to foster discussion, meaning that you'll never be bored or in need of a challenge. 


You can be an introvert, extrovert or somewhere in between, but we sure hope you are a people person. You'll be immersed in community at church & at work, socially and spiritually, and with people of all ages.

We'll help you get plugged into young professionals' groups, meet city leaders and join a community group at church. We'll also pair you with a mentor and a host family to provide you with opportunities for in-depth discipleship and growth.